Settle your hub, and from here go visit the incredible archaeological sites of Monte Alban, Mitla, Atzompa. Or well, visit the places where handmade crafts are produced in green, black and red pottery. Tour "La ruta de mezcal", visit Teotitlan del Valle and its handmade tapestries, or even go to "Las cascadas petrificadas de Hierve el Agua", "El Arbol del Tule", or even stop by the "Mercado 20 de Noviembre" to have delicious regional dishes.


ol Mixteco Temazcal Oaxaca Vacaciones

From our traditional and family heritage, each of our rooms has the warm and homely touch of our Oaxacan People.


ol Mixteco Temazcal Oaxaca Vacaciones

Live the experience of how in pre-Hispanic times our Oaxacan ancestors used to maintain the health of their physical, mental and spiritual body.


ol Mixteco Temazcal Oaxaca Vacaciones

Explore the roots of our Mixtec people. Tourist guides will take you to visit some of our historical monuments such as the former convents of the Dominican route that starts here in Coixtlahuaca.

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